My Story


     As someone who has battled with severe anxiety and depression most of her life, positive thinking, fitness, and yoga has drastically impacted my life.

     I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and have learned a lot along the way. Digestion, bloating, insomnia, etc. are some of the areas I have been able to assist people in due to acupressure. Mental heath, improved flexibility and mobility, and improved physical health are a few areas I have been blessed to aid people in as well. Guided breath work is another tool I have been able to use to increase mental health.

     I desire to help millions of people experience the power of mental and physical health. True growth comes from growing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nurture all three aspects and believe in yourself. Anything is possible. Let go of Negative Thinking. Invite in Positivity. And Flow with Life. Set goals and accomplish them. I am here to tell people "YOU CAN" and help them achieve their health desires and more mental peace.